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Current Convention Panels

Voice With Me - "Character Voices"

  • For hobbyist and amaeturs interested in voice acting. Learning creative and safe techniques to create a unique voice for themselves or develop their current voice. 

Voice With Me - "Tech Talk"

  • Learn the technical side of voice acting and creating a home studio setup for your audiodrama. 

Creative Confidence

  • We all need to start from somewhere and sometimes that starter point inside. Learn how to self motivate yourself and find inspiration in your current state in order to boost creativity.

Draw With Me - "Basic Drawing"

  • Fun and interactive panel to help those with anatomy drawing and facial construction.

Draw With Me - "Painting"

  • Learn painting fundamentals for skintones and textures.

Panel Hosting Info

If you would like to have me as a featured guest artist or panelist, please contact me through the form in the upper right corner! Those inquiring about sponsorships, non-convention related works, and other bookings please inquiry directly via email.


/The Artist

Welcome to my corner! I am a digital and traditional artist based out of Philly and NYC, who is forever an eternal student. My endless energy and hunger to learn is what motivates me to challenge myself creatively. While I have a BS in animation and editing, it has very little influence on what I do passionately. Fuse in my love for theatre and performing as another creative outlet. I'm a strong advocate for the arts and love inspiring other's to get involved and take their creativity into their own hands. As a humanitarian at heart I want to see everyone succeed and be at their very best, even when they're feeling at their worst. Art is a form of self expression without limitation. Encouraging others to get in touch with their inner self whether they are inspired by the work I do or the words I speak. Everyone deserves an outlet!

Starting out, I was a traditional portrait artist. I have a high attention to detail and love capturing the human soul in its physical form. A beautiful moment in time for a lovely person. While charcoal was my starter, I then found myself getting my hands into fabrics and clay. Slowly those mediums led me to my biggest challenge, digital painting. Taking what I do traditionally and producing the same quality on a digital format. This has allowed me to open myself up into the world of illustration as well as conventions! 

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