Costume Commission


Costume Base Prices​

(This does not include the cost of materials, shipping or additional items.)

  • $100 and below - Single Items, basic bodysuits/leotards

  • $400 and below - basic full costume

  • $600 and up - detailed costumes

Other Services Available ​

  • $10+ for  FX Prosthetic - (Wounds in various sizes, textured skin, ears, etc) *Latex product. If allergic to latex to specify for an alternative solution. 

  • $75+ for  Shoes - Full soled character shoes that are custom made from scratch to your sizing. 

  • $50  for Bodysuit Soles - (For spandex costumes with full feet. Ex: Spiderman, Miraculous Ladybug, etc)

  • $20 for Bootcovers 

  • $25+ for Masks - (half mask or full face) *Request for custom sculpt latex masks are available upon request.

  • Misc - Jewelry, bags, hats, etc *Pricing varies 

  • Props/Armor *Pricing varies 

*International inquiries accepted


  • Max 2 quote request

  • Original characters, historical, on screen, and theatrical costumes welcomed. 

  • Corsets, undergarments, hoop skirts, etc are accepted!

  • Please be realistic with your budget. Do not expect to get a full custom costume for less. 

  • All costumes come with a contract itemizing everything you are receiving. There is a non-refundable 50% deposit on your commission. The rest if paid at the time of completion. Payment plans are negotiable. Please inquire about that in the description box below.

  • DUE DATE MUST BE AT LEAST A MONTH BEFORE NEEDED! Do not place the date of your costume delivery the day of your event. Once you have signed your contract and your date is nearing, it will not be changed.  

Please provide as much detail for your costume as possible. 

Other Costume Needs

You will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours with a quote and follow up.